A 10K and 2 Homeless Looking Kids

So the day of my 10k started off at about 6:45 AM when Christopher came to pick me up.   Since we didn’t want to wake the girls to go, Justin was going to come with them later.  Christopher provides hands down the BEST car service in Phoenix.  We LOVE him…I also used him at the last race & for a night out on the town.  Justin knew I was in good hands and would get home safely. 

This was by far my favorite race so far..I had so much fun.  I ran the 10k or 6.2 miles.  The race started and ended at DC Ranch Market Street.  It was a beautiful morning and the scenery was gorgeous.  I finished in my fastest time yet.  Usually I run with a GPS thingy which tells you your pace, etc…this time Stephanie told me to shut it off and see if I ran faster.  Well, she was right..i did run faster, my fastest race yet.  It must be true that running is all mental!  That silly GPS always telling me my pace in my ear must have been throwing me off. 

So here’s where the story gets funny and Justin really didn’t want me to blog about it, but sorry Jus…I have to.  So Justin was supposed to be there a little before 8:30 to see me finish.  As I’m looking around I don’t see the stroller with the kids or Justin…”that’s weird, surely they’d be easy to spot.”  So I cross the finish and I text Justin..”Where are you?”  His reply…”STILL DRIVING.”   Mind you, the race is less than a 5 minute drive from our house. 

Apparently he didn’t appreciate how long it takes to get 2 toddlers out of the house in the morning.   I think now he does, haha.   He said that I must be able to do it faster since I do it everyday.  It was SOOO funny…when they got to the race our kids looked homeless.   They were in the stroller with their hair going EVERYWHERE, it had not seen a comb.  They had no shoes or socks on and they all looked frazzled.  Then when we got home, it looked as if an entire box of cheerios had been dumped on the floor.  

I know Justin felt terrible that he missed the race, but I couldn’t help but laugh.  Maybe next time. 

Well, since my camera man a.k.a Justin didn’t show, I have no pictures of the race yet, but because I can’t leave you without a picture…

Nice outfit huh? 80 degrees and she insisted on wearing her hat

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Shina Love this. Dad’s just don’t get it until they have to do it themselves.

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