It All Started on Cinco de Mayo Part2

So it’s almost been a year since I posted Part 1, and I’m finally getting to the rest of the story.  I want to get it “written” before I forget all of the details. 

So, Dr. Kells releases me from the hospital at 28 weeks & I’m put on bed rest.   Justin used to laugh at me because he’d come home & I would be staring at the back of the couch in complete silence.  Everytime I moved or rolled over I got contractions…so sometimes I got stuck in looking at the back of the couch .  If I had more than 6 contractions in an hour, I had to go to the hospital.  So I avoided rolling over at all costs if I’d already had too many contractions that hour.  It was a pretty miserable 6 weeks until the babies were born, but we were praying to keep them in as long as possible.  My vision of having a “normal” childbirth experience was quickly fading, but I just wanted them healthy.

So on June 16th, 2009 I went in for a check up with Dr. Kells.  This is when they noticed Baby B, Ellie…was quite a bit smaller on the sonogram.  This is the first time there had been a significant change so Dr. Kells wanted to get a second opinion.  He sent us back to the specialist  for another sonogram.  They noticed the same thing so after conferring with Dr. Kells they sent me to Labor & Delivery for monitoring, or so I thought.  Next thing I know I’m in triage & Dr. Kells is there talking to me about having the babies that night.  He was asking if I wanted to be induced or C-section & ultimately we decided on C-section since Ellie was already stressed during contractions.  Dr. Kells said on the drive  over he was thinking C-section, but after checking me I was already 3cm & 90% effaced and I would probably go pretty fast if induced.  After a long discussion we all decided getting them out quickly & safely would be the best.  Dr. Kells would be back at 10:30pm. 

It all happened really quickly.  Audrie was born at 10:30 & Ellie was at 10:31.   They came out miraculously healthy, but due to their size were whisked away to the NICU.  Within just an hour or so they were on room air and doing well.  The hardest part for me was that I didn’t get to see them until the day around noon.  Justin kept bringing in pictures, but it just wasn’t the same.  I was dying to see them…I tried to get up after 4 hours and see them even though the nurse discouraged it…it didn’t go well so then I was back in bed until the next day. 

They stayed in the hospital for 13 days.  They were healthy but tiny…they could only take very small amounts of milk at a time & had to be up to full feeds before they could be released.  The night before they were to be released Justin and I got to check back into the hospital into  a “nesting room” and stay the night with them under hospital supervision.  I tell you what…they put us in the room with them & we were there about 30 minutes…we decided we were going to go get some dinner & come back.  As Justin and I left, we kept thinking, “wow, this is going to be hard.”  “Can we do this?”  Leaving them with the nurses for awhile while we compsed ourselves was sounding pretty good. 

We made it through that first night and there were many challenging nights ahead, but now we are almost at year 2.  We look back at those first few months and we can’t help but think, “We made it.” 

Photo taken at 5 Months by Kelly Rashka

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Dawn Roads This brought tears to my eyes! I am sure you guys were completely overwhelmed. I know how hard it was in the very beginning with Kenzie, and that was just one baby! You guys have made it through a lot of challenges and Im sure you are having a lot of fun with them now. You guys seem to be awesome parents! In my opinion, Ellie and Audrie are just as lucky to have you guys as you are to have them. Miss you guys!

sheakorinne Aww!!! Thanks Dawn! Your comment is so sweet:). We miss you guys a ton too!

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