1)  Ellie can now unlock my iPhone with one quick swipe.  So some of you in my phone book could be getting an unexpected call from Ellie.

2)  On St. Patrick’s Day we went to The Tilted Kilt for lunch with the girls.  They were dressed in their green & the waitress even gave them a shamrock headband. 

3)  I didn’t get very many pictures at lunch, because the owner talked to us the ENTIRE meal.  He also had twins & turned out he was born in Wichita.  We had so many things in common, that he never left our table. 

4)  Audrie filled up her potty sticker chart so she got a reward…an Olivia doll.  She loves it..she calls her “via”  and hasn’t put her down since she got her.  Naps, car, outside, meals, potty..she goes everywhere with her.  So we are definitely having an Olivia Birthday party in June.

Audrie fell asleep in the car after a morning at the zoo….Olivia came too, of course.


5)  I have 2 photoshoots lined up.   I can’t wait…it should be fun to shoot someone other than 2 uncooperative toddlers.

6)  On Friday,  I did a little shopping, ate lunch leisurely in the car, scouted out some photoshoot locations, & leisurely took a trip to Safeway.  It’s amazing how you can take your time in the grocery store without 2 toddlers in tow.

7)  This is the girl’s new swimsuit from Gymboree.

8)  We were playing outside & Ellie decided to go in & get some books; apparently so she & Audrie could do a little reading in the lawn.   

Don’t mind the red hats with the green outfits;) They just got the hats & had to wear them!


9)  My next race is April 9th..It’s Emma’s Run in Anthem, AZ.  This will probably be my last race for awhile since it’s about to get way too hot here. 

10)  Sunday we took the girls to the zoo…it was a nice, cloudy & cool day for it.  

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TERESA Does poor Ellie have an Olivia doll yet?

Mom love the hats! Love Audrie sleeping!!! Does lil’ Ellie girl have an Olivia?
The crocs are so cute, too. Do they like them?

sheakorinne Teresa & MOm- Ellie does not have an Olivia doll yet. She needs 3 more stickers, then it looks like she’ll probably have to get one. They love the crocs, and they are soo easy.

Chasity I love-love-love your pictures. How do you get them to be so bright and colorful? I remember you telling me that shooting in manual mode was so much better. But unfortunately, I haven’t had any time to work with my camera. Do you mind sharing a few of your secrets with me? Also…your backyard looks amazing already!! That grass…looks like turf to me. 🙂 I don’t get it?!

sheakorinne I’ll message you Chasity because it might get a little long.

Shina 1) The boys have Olivia dolls. They just love her!
2) Evan can unlock my phone, too.
3) It’s awesome that they’re doing so well on the potty! Carter just went for the first time last night. Evan is still hit and miss. :-/
4) Your girls are so beautiful. You’re lucky to have girls!

sheakorinne Shina, I wouldn’t say they are doing well on the potty..we spend the day in pull ups & when they do go in the potty we praise them big time…but I wouldn’t say it’s going well;) I think you’re pretty lucky to have boys!!

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