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A Little Basketball

Little tikes basketball goal

Justin went and got the twins a basketball goal on Easter…At first there was some fighting over the “1” basketball that came with the goal.  They worked it out though and are all good now! You Might Also Like:MilkWhat’cha Got Cookin’?Introducing Albie

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Easter Egg Hunt Take 2

easter baskets

Audrie wasn’t feeling well at all, but this helped to cheer her up for awhile Ellie got the hang of it really quickly 1)  Justin & I did a weight loss competition against each other about a year ago.  We started another one this past week…probably not a good idea with all of the Easter […]

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Frame of The Week

Toddler Twins bouncing on ball

Ellie on the left and Audrie is on the ball in the picture on the right.  They love bouncing on the ball and then giggle like crazy when they fall off.  You Might Also Like:On The Phone AlreadyBubbles With DadMove It Sweetheart!

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No Easter Eggs!?

1)  Audrie is an early bird.  The last few weeks she’s been getting up WAY to early, then waking Ellie up. 2)  I made the EASIEST keylime pie.  Check it out HERE! 3)  On Sunday we went to City North for a Famer’s Market & Easter Egg Hunt! Audrie and Ellie with their EMPTY baskets:( […]

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22 Months Old Today

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