SMB Photo Of The Month Winner!!

I feel like our “announcement” is going to be somewhat of a let down for people;)  When I said I have an announcement, everyone assumed it was something “life changing.”    Think Rollins baby #3, moving, etc.  I think even our parents thought a new bundle of joy might be on the way;)  

Now for the exciting, yet “UN-life altering” news…..The girl’s picture was selected for The Scottsdale Moms Blog March Photo of the Month!  I answered a few questions for Steph last week that will be up on their website.   If you’d like to know more about me & our family check out the SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW HERE!   I was so excited when Steph told me the news…I never win ANYTHING!!


Joy & Steph started The Scottsdale Moms Blog  about a year ago.  If you live in the area and haven’t checked it out, you definitely should!  They are 2 blogging moms whose goal is to offer an online place for Moms.  Not only is it a great online resource, but they offer tons of fun opportunities for Moms to meet other Moms in and around Scottsdale, AZ.

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Kelly Rashka Shea! Congratulations! That is so awesome! I was just talking to Jenn about your awesome blog earlier today, I really like a lot of your work. What’s next? 😉

sheakorinne Thanks Kelly! That means a ton coming from you:) Oh geez, what’s next?!! A D700, I hope j/k!!! Seriously, I just LOVE taking photos! Maybe someday I’ll do a workshop for Moms!?

Anna When I saw this picture in your other post, i thought to myself it looked like a picture that should be published in a magazine or something. SO cute! Your pictures are great…although i do wish there were a few more of you and Justin once in a while 😉
I especially like this pic because i can imagine our moms doing the same thing when they were littles. I wonder if they started out reading upside down too! 😀

sheakorinne Thanks Anna! And I agree on more pics of Justin & I;) Justin never wants to learn my camera to take pics of me & he hates me taking pictures of him. What’s a a girl to do? Darren, Thanks! But not funny on being pregnant with twins again=)

Darren This is pretty cool! Congratulations! Yes, I was expecting an announcement you were pregnant… with twins =)

Lisa My goodness this is an adorable photo…no wonder you won the contest. And I love the pink hats with the green outfits. What adorable girls!

sheakorinne Thank you Lisa!

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