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Bubbles With Dad

amazing bubbles

Your guess is as good as mine on who this is with Justin!  As a side note, if you’re looking to buy good bubbles for the kids, try Miracle Bubbles.  We’ve bought a few different ones & some of them are really crummy!  I don’t remember having crummy bubbles when I was a kid. ***revision: I […]

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A 10 Day Battle

Warning!  If you don’t have a child that you have potty trained or aren’t getting ready to potty might find this to be a pretty boring read.  I purchased the “Official 3 Day Potty Training e-book.  About 3 hours after I purchased it, a friend of mine emailed me the copy for free, but […]

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And We Finally Got To Go Outside!

twins bubbles & potty training

The girls finally got to go outside after a long week of potty training…notice they have only underwear on.  We’ve been doing amazingly well today, just for the record.  Dare I say, they are getting it! You Might Also Like:MilkMy ModelLadies’ Man

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Blogging Slump

I think I”m in a “blogging slump.”  I missed my first frame of the week post last week & now I’m skipping my Ten on Tuesday Post.  We started potty training the twins last Tuesday so our life has been a little boring anyway.  Which could be why I’m in a blogging slump.  There’s nothing […]

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“Umm, no…of course they aren’t playing with matches!

identical twins and matches

1)  Lately we’ve been saying a prayer everynight at dinner while we hold hands.  The girls always remind us…if we forget they say, “hands.” 2)  They like to give eachother hugs, which actually turns into a tackle. 3)  They also tickle eachother & say, “tickle, tickle, tickle. 4)  It always seems like Ellie is the […]

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