A 10 Day Battle

Warning!  If you don’t have a child that you have potty trained or aren’t getting ready to potty train..you might find this to be a pretty boring read.  I purchased the “Official 3 Day Potty Training e-book.  About 3 hours after I purchased it, a friend of mine emailed me the copy for free, but I’m still glad I bought it.  When you purchase you also get mentoring, so you can ask “the potty training guru” anything. 

Our 3 Days actually turned into more like a 10 Day battle.  Basically with this method you throw away all of your diapers, put them in underwear and never look back.   The twins are 23 months old which is the ideal age to potty train according to the book.  On Tuesday we threw away all of the diapers & we had MANY accidents… multiplied by 2.  I think I cleaned 14 on day 1, not including naps or nighttime.  By the way, this method has you potty training for day, naps, & night all at the same time.   By day 3 we were having fewer accidents, but still  A LOT.  For some reason they were getting it at bedtime, but not during the day.  At bedtime was the only time they would tell me they had to go, which is obviously the goal.  At bedtime we’d lay them down & they might talk for an hour or so..then we’d go in to check them and they were dry..then they’d ask to go potty. 

The other thing with this method is you pump them full of fluids so that they get lots of “learning opportunities.”  We actually had lots of successes…we filled up 2 sticker charts in 3 days and they’ve went through an entire jar of M&M’s.   They’ve also been averaging at least 4-5 dum-dums per day, as evidenced by the picture below.  Unfortunately they just weren’t recognizing when they had to go or telling me that they needed to go.  I was starting to get a little frustrated…but the key is to stay consistent and never show frustration, HA!   So, I emailed the lady for some guidance and my “guru” told me to clean up their accidents in complete silence to make sure they weren’t neglecting to use the potty for attention.  Well, by day 4 Audrie seemed to be getting it..but Ellie not so much.  Really since day 4 Audrie has only had a couple of accidents at most and somedays none.  Day 10 Audrie was telling me she needed to go & pulling down her pants..which may not go over so well in public:)  We’re going to have to work on that part since we leave for Kansas on Monday.  I don’t really need her yanking down her pants in the airport.  

Then day 11 Ellie turned a corner.  All of a sudden they were both telling me when they needed to go and I thought, “Wow, they’ve got this!”  Then day 13 came and Ellie regressed and had 8 accidents, WTH!  I’m happy to report that yesterday marked 2 weeks & they both had 0 accidents…I think they were just testing me on Day 13.  As for naps, as long as you go in and get them the moment they wake up, they wake up dry.  And at night they do fantastic…we put them to bed at 7pm & wake them at 5 to use the bathroom…then they sleep until morning.  As long as we get them right away they are dry. 

 We have 6 more days days left before our flight, so I’m hoping by then they’ll be experts.  The lady says absolutely NO pullups..ugh!   Don’t ask me why we started in right before our trip..we’re known to be kind of spontaneous like that.  This program certainly isn’t for everyone..luckily I’m able to stay home with them & have been able to watch them like a hawk for 10 days.  You literally have to be able to catch every accident!  Justin & I have always been kind of structured with the girls so this worked for us.  When we took away the binky we took it away cold turkey..so we figured why should diapers be any different.   

If anyone one has any questions please feel free to leave me a comment!  Hope this helps a few people that have thought about using this method!   Identical twin sucker for potty trainingIdentical twin with blocks

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Shina Wow, you are much more brave than I am! But that’s an amazing accomplishment! Evan is the only one currently wearing underwear at our house. He never wanted ANY M&M’s and stickers only lasted a couple weeks. What kind of kid is that?? All he ever wanted was a kiss and praise.

(Full disclosure: There is no privacy at our house.) When Evan goes potty, I’ll say to him. “Good boy, Evan!” So then, when he watches me use the bathroom, he says to me, “Good boy, Mommy!” He’s such a hoot.

Todd We are about to start the three day program with our 2.5 year old twins this weekend. Enjoyed reading your post. If you have any other tips let me know!

sheakorinne Good luck Todd!

Laura Russell Hi,
My twins are 21 months and are telling me as soon as they have done something in the nappy, twin 2 even took hers off the other day and shook the ‘contents’ onto the floor, i didn’t know what to do as was not prepared for this.

Just want to ask, can you still do this if they are not speaking much yet? mine dont really get what we are talking about most of the time, and cant seem to tell me till after.
They were 2 months premature so only 19 months old adjusted age. Is this too early?

sheakorinne Hi Laura, I can only speak from personal experience. My twins were showing a lot of the “signs of readiness.” Doing some of the same things you mentioned at around 21-22 months, so I started potty training. For us it was too early..Although I thought they were ready, they definitely weren’t. I decided to stop & tried again when they turned 2. Once they are ready, they will get it quickly. If you push it too fast, it will be a battle for months until they are. That was my experience. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t rush it. I feel like it took us a lot longer than it would have if I just would have waited. Good luck on whenever you decide to start! Thanks for your question:-)

Crystal Hemminger I am desperately wanting to potty train my 25 month old twin boys.. They are 23 months adjusted. They are just starting to effectively communicate, they sleep in cribs still… I am at a loss for how to start this entire process! Their 3 y o sis is potty trained, she was hard, but we have been through and are still going through lots of medical issues for me…….. Any help would be great. We can not afford the book right now, so i am just reading everyones experiences for now…. Thank you and great job on you!


sheakorinne Crystal, the biggest thing for me was to make sure they were 100% ready. It won’t work until they are. Also, they did much better once they were out of cribs:-)

Jac-Lyn I have twin boys, 21 mths who are showing signs of being ready, and have been since 18mths. 3 mths ago they would use the potty 2-3 times a day but have regressed. I want to get them out of diapers by their 2nd birthday but I work full time, with weekends off…

any suggestions?

Jac-Lyn What would you suggest for someone who works full time during the week and off on weekends? My husband is at home with them during the week, but is not consistent. I am able to take holidays near the end of the month though…

any suggestions?

sheakorinne Jac-lyn,

I would try to schedule it for when you have a holiday on a Monday , so that you could get three solid days. Then you need to force your husband to be consistent once you’re back at work! It’s important:-)

Janna We tried this for two days with my b/g twins who are 33 months (30 adjusted). We also have a 10 month old who seems to foil the attempt. We’ve moved to pull-ups for this past week and encouraging sitting on the potty chair. Our boy has gad more successes. No reward seems to entice our girl.

Vini This post is quite old one but I still found it helpful and thought that may be you could guide me here. I have twins b/g..They are 23 months old and I thought that this would be right time to potty train them. It’s been a week and I am getting really frustrated. My little girl just don’t use potty.. she will sit on it listen to stories, will watch videos but not a drop in potty 🙁 As soon as she sees me doing something else… boom she is done. I don’t even get time to take her to potty… by that time she is done. My boy still get’s at least 1 or 2 success in a day… poop is still a farfetched target. I don’t know what to do….this is driving me crazy. I tied praises, m&m etc.

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