“Umm, no…of course they aren’t playing with matches!

identical twins and matches

Those are definitely NOT matches they are playing with 🙂

1)  Lately we’ve been saying a prayer everynight at dinner while we hold hands.  The girls always remind us…if we forget they say, “hands.”

2)  They like to give eachother hugs, which actually turns into a tackle.

3)  They also tickle eachother & say, “tickle, tickle, tickle.

4)  It always seems like Ellie is the instigator…seems like she’s always chasing Audrie.  I’m not sure what that means:)

5)  Last week the girls both went potty completely by themselves & in fact I didn’t even know that they had gone until later on.   We haven’t really been working on it lately, but this week we’re going to do a 3 day potty boot camp.  Looks like we’ll be on house arrest for a few days..

6)  Justin is just getting over a case of shingles..he’s never had them before, but apparently they are pretty painful.

7)  I wish my foot would hurry and heal so I could get back to running.  I’m getting “a thing” removed on my foot and literally I could hardly walk on it for 3 days…it’s finally feeling a little better. 

8)  We’ve found a couple of new parks this week.  The twins love to swing & slide..and today we found a park with a teeter totter which was pretty fun for them!

9)  I got a new vehicle on Mother’s Day..poor Justin spent most the day at the dealership.  But at the end of the day, I got a pretty nice Mother’s Day gift.  The girls seem to like it too..especially when Dad popped in an Elmo DVD for them while they were in the backseat. 

10)  They are loving their little basketball goal…when they make a basket they say, “Boom, Nice shot!”

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