Escape Artists

 1)  I signed the girls up for an Art Class through the City Of Scottsdale..  The City has so many neat programs for Tots.

2)  Last week we put the girls to bed. About 15 minutes later I heard their door open.  Audrie bailed out of the crib.

3) Sunday night we put them to bed.  10 minutes later, we heard the door open.  Ellie bailed.  She bailed out 3 more times.  Justin caught her in the act the 3rd time & apparently it was pretty graceful.  I’m not worried about them getting hurt, since they’re graceful, so we’re trying to hold off on the big kid bed for a few more months.

4)  I love Target, but I no longer buy the kid’s sunscreen there.  I usually pay like $9-10 for one bottle at Target.  Costco has the same stuff for WAY cheaper.  I got 2 bigger bottles of the spray stuff, plus a bottle of lotion for the face, & a stick for $15.99.  Awesome!

5)  Audrie & Ellie started  ISR  swim lessons  this week.  It’s always a little bit of an adjustment getting them used to the lessons.

6)  This weekend we got in the pool with them Sat. & Sun.  Ellie couldn’t get enough..she wanted to jump off the step & swim under water to me over & over.  She kept saying again, again.  Audrie was more cautious..She’s still not quite sure she likes it yet. 

7)  ATTENTION :  Mom’s who have had children who get carsick…what tips do you have?   Leave me a comment

8)  Audrie gets severely car sick and throws up everywhere.  I thought it was just on short trips, which is manageable.  But Thursday we went to the Farmer’s market which is literally 1.5 miles away and she threw up by the time we got home.  HELP!

9) Our good friends  Brett & Taylor had their baby girl on Thursday.  Here is the DIY project I made for her. You can find how to make them HERE… I thought they turned out pretty cute!DIY Month onesiesMonth onesiesmonth onesies

10)  Friday we went to see them at the hospital.  It may or may not have given me “baby fever.”  Then Justin & I went out for lunch, which was a nice break.

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Paula Shea, your mom and I have had carsickness/motion sickness since we were toddlers….I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories. Mom used to give us Dramamine in jelly, but side effect of drowsiness is not good, especially for toddlers. Natural remedies I’ve used with pretty good success: charcoal tablets (a detoxifier) 1 tablet an hour before travel; Magnesium (nerve tonic) 100 mg. taken 1 hour before travel; and of course, the standby for nausea Vitamin B6 25 mg taken 1 hr. before trip. An easy, easy help and no swallowing of any tablets or pills….just use Peppermint oil..a drop on the tongue…excellent relief of nausea. When older, they sell peppermint lozenges that I use. I guess these might be worth a try…I would start with the Peppermint oil

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