1)  Before we left for Kansas I decided the girl’s crocs really needed cleaned.  I soaked them in baking soda & warm water then scrubbed with a magic eraser.  That thing is magic…they looked brand new.

2)  The twins had their 2 yr. checkup.  Audrie was 90% height, 70% weight & Ellie was 76% height & 40% weight. 

3)  According to the Dr. the terrible 2’s are already at an end, YAY!   Fortunately, so far we’ve never had a full blown tantrum..just lots of whining.  He said really it should be pretty smooth sailing until the re-emergence at about 3 1/2 yrs old.  Can’t wait, haha!

4)  Audrie is in a very polite phase..It’s “please” and “thank you’s”  all the time.. When she says thank you, it makes it all worth it. 

5)  Potty training  is going pretty well.  We’re still in underwear and I never caved with pull-ups the entire time traveling.  It was a little challenging being away but since we’ve been back most days are pretty good.

6)  Audrie, Ellie and myself all came back home with a cold, ICK!

7)  I finally made it to THE SIMPLE FARM.  Love it!  It’s just down the street  and I bought some great heirloom tomatoes, basil, feta, jalapenos & eggs.  For dinner we had tomato, basil, & feta salad.

8)   The next morning I made breakfast….eggs, jalapenos, & chunks of heirloom tomato, yum!.  Did you know you don’t need to refrigerate farm fresh eggs?   What?  That’s what the lady said, so I did as she said.  She said they’ll stay fresh for about 3 weeks.

9)  On the girl’s ACTUAL birthday we just had cake & opened presents here with the 4 of us.  I got a Living Social deal for Nothing Bundt Cakes  Bundtinis and they were perfect.

They both got trikes from Ma’ma & Pa’pa radio flyer trikeAnd the wagon was from Justin & Iradio flyer wagonnothing bundt cake

 10)  Let the insanity begin.  And by that I mean I ordered the insanity workout DVD’s.

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