Monthly Archives: June 2011

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party “Part 1”

Here is a sneak peek at the twin’s Olivia Birthday party #1.  Sorry there aren’t more pictures but it was a sweltering 102 degrees with I’d say 80-90% humidity.  After the cake was cut everyone was miserably hot & sweaty.  No one wanted  to hang around outside,  so I snapped some pictures of the table & […]

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“Finding The Light”

While I was back home in Kansas I got the chance to photograph my nieces.  We went out to the “meadow” at my in-law’s farm.. It’s such a beautiful place!  I’m in the middle of the “Finding The Light Workshop”  and had an assignment due, so I grabbed my nieces to see if we could “find […]

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Kansas In June

  1)  We just got back from our 2 week trip to Kansas.  2)  It’s official…Audrie gets very car sick.   We had 2 puking on the way to the airport and one on the way to Lyons.  Not fun! 3)  On the way back home we gave her dramamine and that seemed to help.  […]

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