Big Surf

1)  May have some work to do before finding a church..Every night at dinner at the end of our prayer; both girls raise their arms in the air and scream “Amen!” at the top of their lungs. 

2)  Audrie & Ellie are both awesome at identifying the letters of the alphabet, but now they are singing the song.  Audrie more so then Ellie.

3) And they are counting to number 11.

4)  I needed some new swimsuits for the girls for our upcoming trip  to CA and found some really cute ones at Target.  Clearance.  $5.

5)  We’ve been going to Robyn’s pool the past few weeks for lessons. The girls have simply outgrown our pool. They can hold their breath and swim the entire length of the pool and weren’t wanting to float because they didn’t need to.

6)  Check out  If you’re local that is.  It’s 50% off tons of great restaurants in the valley.  I just discovered it!

7)  Man, since moving the girls to their toddler beds naps are getting shorter & shorter.  Usually like 12:30-2PM.  I miss long naps!

8)  It’s been a standing joke that everytime Justin goes to City Hall   all I get is a “doggie bag.”  Last night some friends invited us out and it was nice to actually go in rather than my usual “doggie bag.”  😉

9)  Then they said they were going to Big Surf  the next day if we wanted to join.  Now, for some reason I had never thought about taking the kids..but I’m so glad we did.  The girls had.a.blast!  I always forget that people aren’t used to seeing girls so small swim like little fish. Several people including lifeguards kept asking how old they were. 

 Video taken with my iPhone Rain Ballet Waterproof case. So happy it worked!!


10)  And the best  part…our friend’s sold Justin on taking the twins to Disney Land.  I’ve kind of already been planning on taking the girls while we were in California..secretly mapping out an itinerary.  But Justin was not really feeling Disney, like at all.  They went a few months back and were telling us how great it was!  I think he bought it!  Yay!!

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