“Do You Want To Take The Cribs Apart?”

1)  Justin calls me & says to go outside to check the pool because our pool guy is coming over.  I go outside and Justin is in his scuba gear. in the pool.  snorkeling.  He just bought some gear to get certified and apparently needed to test it out:)snorkeling in pool

2)  2 new cool iPhone apps this week.  Thanks Steph for Hipstamatic.  And then I LOVE pinterest.  Since we’re in the planning stages of the remodel I’ve used it a ton to get ideas & “pin” them on Pinterest.

3) I don’t drink a lot, but on Thursday I wanted a drink by noon.  I think we’ve been in a bit of a power struggle this week on the potty training. 

4) Thursday as we were getting ready to go to Art Class, Audrie kept saying, “I’m going to see my friends.”  It was too funny.  She was so excited!

5) My Aunt Paula also known as the “shoe lady” has bought pretty much every pair of shoes the girls have owned since they were born.  She just sent them 2 new pairs of crocs.  Have you seen the new chameleon crocs?  Awesome!  I’m going to date myself; but they totally remind me of hypercolor back in the day:)oyster chameleon girl crocs

6) Audrie & Ellie love their Olivia zoobies. They walk around saying “Olivia’s thirsty.”  They feed her, give her drinks, put bracelets on her, shoes on her, etc. 

7)  Saturday was  the first night in a “big kid bed.”  Justin got a spur of the moment idea to take apart their cribs and just have them sleep on the mattress on the floor.  After the remodel when they have their new room they should be ready to sleep in their new beds.  So far, so good.  They seem to really like it!toddler bed transitiontoddler bed transition

8)  Saturday afternoon Justin watched the girls & I lounged in the pool:)  Justin managed to take apart the girl’s cribs, clean, reorganize cupboards, & do laundry.  Geesh, he makes me wonder what I do all day.

9)  Saturday night I got to go out with Jessica for a couple of hours.

10)  Then on SundayJustin let me sleep in & brought me breakfast in bed!  Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning= easy street!

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Dawn They are so adorable! This is how we introduced Kenzie to her big girl bed too. It worked great. She fell out a time or two but since the mattresses were on the floor….no big deal! And yesterday we went to Borders and left with an Olivia Zoobie. Your Olivia pic made me smile! PS: Love Justin’s scuba gear!

sheakorinne Thanks:). Glad Kenzie got a zoobie…she will love it!!

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