1)  Audrie & Ellie amaze me at how well they are doing with the alphabet.  They put can put together this alphabet puzzle super fast.  If you write out a letter they can tell you what it is and an object that starts with that letter.

2)  I bought a Groupon for Imagination Avenue  so we went a couple of weeks ago.  I must say it was just “OK.”  It’s a great concept but just a little small & kind of “dingy.”  I will say the girls seemed to have a great time though!


imagination avenue

3)  Every morning that Justin gets the girls out of their crib..they come straight to our bed & stand there and look at me until I wake up.  As soon as I open my eyes they hand me my glasses & my hair tie off of the night stand. 

4)  I feel like this is the week of mediocre reviews.  A couple of weeks ago we went to see “Friends With Benefits.”  It was cute, but kind of the same as the recent Ashton Kutcher movie that was out.

5) Then we headed next door to True Food Kitchen.  Again, medicore.  I’d been wanting to try this place for awhile, but they are always so busy.  Both Justin & I were unimpressed with what we ordered.

6)  Last week I was doing the thing where you blow on the kid’s belly and they laugh hysterically.  Well, I found Audrie & Ellie doing it to their doll the other day and I thought it was pretty cute.

7)  They also do this thing where one of them goes and sits down and does a fake cry.  They aren’t waiting for me…nope.. they sit there until their sister comes over and says, “Are you Ok?”  and then they wait for a nice pat on the back & sometimes a kiss to make it better.

8)  So I’m pretty darn excited about my latest purchase. It’s the Joy Factory’s Rain Ballet  & it basically turns your iPhone into an underwater camera.  After the girl’s swim instructor took some underwater video I decided it would be really neat to have one, but didn’t want to buy a flip video or something since I always use my iPhone for videos.

9)  We took the girls to Picazzo’s & 2 people came over to comment on the girl’s behavior.. One said, “What’s your secret?”  and the other just told us how incredibly well behaved they were.  Since raising children is the hardest job ever, it’s really nice to have a complete stranger tell you that you’re doing an alright job. 

10)  I’m still working on doing a Photography Q & A on the send me your questions:)!

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