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I Promise

kids and pool table

  1) I love when the girls sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” 2)  Or they say, “I promise, mom.” 3)  Or they say ” I feel happy.”  Not just “I’m happy, but I FEEL happy.” 4)  A couple of weeks ago we had went to Bounce U for a Birthday party..The girls LOVE slides.  It […]

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Say Goodbye to the hutch

remodel with kids

I’ve been trying to get stuff around so that we are out of the house in the AM when the demolition of the house starts.  Just for the record, I’m making little progress:)  This is the ugly hutch in the playroom, that will soon be replaced with a closet.  While I’ve been trying to pack […]

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Dare I say

Dare I say the girls are “potty trained.”    It’s been a lot of work, but after 3.5 months, I think I finally trust them to tell me when they have to go!  Ellie has gone a week without an accident, and she’s been the stubborn one.  Literally, I feel like she’s just been being ornery […]

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Ladies’ Man

scottsdale gymnastics

This was Audrie & Ellie with their friend last week at Scottsdale Gymnastics open gym.  For the record, this was NOT the boy that pushed them down :-)!  He looks like such a “ladies’ man!” You Might Also Like:5 O’clock AgainBack For Frame of the Week”E” …Letter of the Week

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Get Paid To Shop Online..seriously

radio flyer wagon

1)  Audrie’s new phrases…”I can’t like that, I can’t know that,”, etc. 2)  Audrie & Ellie want you to “kiss everything better.”  When you do, Ellie says, “Ya, I’m OK.” 3)  We’ve watched Tangled at least 15 times in 10 days.  They LOVE Rapunzel!  They ask for her daily. 4)  Ellie is one stubborn little girl.  […]

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