Dare I say

Dare I say the girls are “potty trained.”    It’s been a lot of work, but after 3.5 months, I think I finally trust them to tell me when they have to go!  Ellie has gone a week without an accident, and she’s been the stubborn one.  Literally, I feel like she’s just been being ornery about it on purpose.  And Audrie hasn’t had an accident in weeks.  They’ve been doing amazing at night, too.  Actually I feel like they picked up night-time training faster than day time.  We wake them up at 11PM to go potty, then they get themselves  up in the morning to go. 

I figured I would write about what we did, what worked, what DIDN’T work, etc.  I am by no means an expert..it was a lot & I mean A LOT of trial and error.  I’m a little nervous even as I write this, because who knows how they’ll be doing next week:)

As I’ve written here before, we did the 3 day method.  After a couple of weeks they were both starting to get the hang of it & were having considerably less accidents; but accidents none the less.  Basically to sum it up, over the past few months on average they’d each have about 4 or so accidents per week.  That doesn’t seem so bad, but when you’re taking them places, I was always on edge.  Then occasionally Ellie would decide she didn’t want to use the potty & would all of a sudden have like 5 accidents in a day…knowing she  knew how to use the potty, it was beyond frustrating! 

After weeks of having at least a few accidents, the “guru” told me it might be time to try making them clean up their own mess & then have them sit and face the wall for a few minutes. Let me just tell you that this did NOT work for my kids at all.  I tried it for an afternoon before I nixed the idea.  The twins totally rebelled against it.  They would look right at me, potty in their underwear, & then say, “I’m going to go sit in corner.”  Audrie went from only occasional accidents to 5 that first afternoon. 

So here is where we turned the corner..I attribute their success to 2 things.  The first thing was we went back to rewards.   Not only did we do rewards, but I let them pick their reward.  But above all else, I let them get their own potty treat.    I no longer handed them an M & M…I let them get up on the step stool and have control of their own rewards.  For some reason, this worked.  Since we started this we’ve really had close to no accidents. 

The second thing that I think really helped was moving them out of their cribs. I think this too, made them feel like big kids which made the potty training more successful. Plus, at night rather than being stuck in a crib…they have control to get up when they need to go. Anyway, just my 2 cents..but for our kids I think these are the 2 things that made a HUGE difference. Hopefully by the time I press publish the girls haven’t regressed; leaving me forced to eat my words.

potty training twins

Ellie after a Birthday party, wearing her "Transformer" glasses 😉

freddy's frozen custard

And we had to stop at Freddy's after the party for a milkshake...The closest one to us is 20 miles away, so when we are near one...we must stop

scottsdale gymnastics

Audrie loving the trampoline at gymnastics last week...she kept saying "I'll jump higher"


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