Get Paid To Shop Online..seriously

1)  Audrie’s new phrases…”I can’t like that, I can’t know that,”, etc.

2)  Audrie & Ellie want you to “kiss everything better.”  When you do, Ellie says, “Ya, I’m OK.”

3)  We’ve watched Tangled at least 15 times in 10 days.  They LOVE Rapunzel!  They ask for her daily.

4)  Ellie is one stubborn little girl.  She refused to say “I’m sorry for over 2 hours & then went to bed without saying it.  Hmm..not sure where she gets it?

5)  I’m apparently highly observant…Ellie has one of her 2nd molars and I didn’t even realize she was teething.  It’s been there a-while.

6)   Run, don’t walk to this website. You get paid to shop online. Seriously. They will send you a check quarterly.  And just for signing up, you’ll get a $10 gift card or cash put in your account, just because.   I just placed an order at Jcrew and got 8% back. Make sure you follow my link to sign up so I get credit.  Piperlime has 10% back right now..basically EVERY online store offers a percentage flyer wagon

7)  Last weekend we took a spontaneous drive to Bartlett Lake.  We figured we’d test Audrie to see if she would get carsick.  The roads were really curvy & mountainy; plus we let them watch a movie.  Miraculously, she didn’t get sick, yay!!

8)  Purple is Audrie’s favorite color.  She always wants purple clothes on..then it’s funny that Ellie always picks out a matching shirt.  I love it that they want to wear the same thing.

9) So something that’s been working awesome the past week with potty training… letting them get their own potty treat. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time Audrie had an accident. It’s been several weeks and Ellie’s been doing much better since we started this, too.

10)  The twins like to share a bed.  The other night we went to check on them about 11pm and they were both in Audrie’s bed.  They always say, “we want to sleep together.” 


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