I Promise


1) I love when the girls sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

2)  Or they say, “I promise, mom.”

3)  Or they say ” I feel happy.”  Not just “I’m happy, but I FEEL happy.”

4)  A couple of weeks ago we had went to Bounce U for a Birthday party..The girls LOVE slides.  It always takes them a little while to warm up, but once they get going they have no fear.

5)  They’ve been loving Scottsdale Gym lately.  They really enjoy the trampolines & the balance beam.

6)  I’m telling you I never win anything, but this past week I won something.  Scottsdale Moms Blog was doing a giveway for a mani/pedi at 20 Lounge in Kierland.  I posted a comment & ended up being the winner.  Yay, can’t wait to check the place out.

7)  Saturday our renovation started.  Our house was literally demolished except for the master bedroom/bath which will be in phase 2. 

8)  I took some before pictures, so once we get it all finished look for the after pics here.  We’re also refinishing some antique furniture for the girl’s bedroom, so I’ll post some pictures of that, too.

kids and pool table

The kids found the pool table

9)  We’ve been staying at a friend’s house while he has been out of town…It’s been kind of like a “staycation.”  It’s a total bachelor’s pad.  A game room complete with shuffle board & pool.  Justin and I have been having a great time, although ready to be back at home.  They say this Thursday, but that remains to be seen.

10)  And such a huge thanks to my friend Denise who is a “ridiculously great” interior designer.  On Tuesday, we hit up a few places and she helped pick out the finishes & paint colors for the house.  She is amazing, love her!!

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