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I got my first DSLR camera Christmas 2009, about 6 months after the birth of the twins.  Like a lot of Moms, I started out just wanting to take better pictures of my kids.  Over the past year or 2 I’ve tried to learn everything I can about photography and have had so much fun along the way.  Recently I’ve been getting a lot of photography questions through my blog, so I thought I would do a little Q & A.  It’s such a learning process and I remember being completely lost when I first started out.  Hopefully I can share a little here and more in the future!

To show you there is hope, here’s a before and after shot! In this shot, the focus is off among other issues..It’s not underexposed nearly as bad as some of my other first attempts, but it’s pretty bad overall!

mom photo tips

One of my first images with my DSLR


Mom Photography tips

Here is a more recent shot..the exposure and focus is much better here

mom photography tips

And here is a recent photoshoot...not perfect, but lots of improvement over the past year and a half.

Q:  What is your “go to” lens? 

A:  My favorite lens and the one I have on my camera 90% of the time is my 50mm 1.4/f.   I absolutely love it for almost everything, especially shooting in low light.

Q:  I love how bright your pictures are.  How do you get them so bright & colorful? 

A:  The first thing is trying to nail your exposure.  I usually like my pictures brighter, so I tend to bump up my exposure in camera.  If you’re shooting in Auto, 9 times out of 10 I feel like the camera underexposes.  That’s why it’s important to control your settings so the picture comes out how you want it too, meaning shoot in manual.  Or A-Priority mode at the least.  Then of course there is a ton you can do in Photoshop to make the colors more vibrant, etc.

Q:  What kind of camera do you use?

A:  The camera I started with & still use is the Nikon D5000.  I want to upgrade to the Nikon D700 full frame camera, but have to convince the hubby that I “need” it:)

Q:  Are lenses or the camera body more important? 

A:  To me the lenses are more important.  In the beginning especially;  a great lens will improve your pictures more then the actual camera.  If you get a decent DSLR, and a nice lens you should be set for awhile.  You can always upgrade the body later & of course your lens will still work on the new camera, too.  Just my opinion

Q:  How do you keep your photos from getting that blurry undertone without using a flash? 

A:  I use all natural light, so I have NEVER used my flash.  The key is getting enough light into the camera so that you don’t have to.  Taking a beautiful picture is all about the light…it’s very important to the outcome of your photograph.  So you have to change your settings…ISO, Aperture, & shutter until you can get a correct exposure without using the harsh light of a flash.  This is where a nice lens comes in handy, too.  It can give you the ability to shoot in lower light situations without the need for a flash.  There are some beautiful pictures taken using off camera flash, but since I do all natural light I’ve never used one. 

Q:  How have you learned photography?

A:  Lots of practice, trial & error, & a couple of online classes.  I started out with a Maggie Holmes online class to learn how to use my DSLR.  Then I also took a class from Karen Russell & then a lighting class with Detra.

Let me know how you like the Q & A and I’d be happy to do some more!  Send me your thoughts & questions 🙂

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Amber Good post Shea! I’m loving my new camera and the 50mm lens as well 🙂

sheakorinne Oh good.. I’m glad you like the lens. I figured you would, it’s awesome for the price:)!!

Kelly Rashka Tell Justin that I said you NEED it. 😉 You are doing so awesome! I love the photos of your girls! How great for them to have this amazing documentary to look back on when they are older. Hugs and Kisses, Kelly

sheakorinne Thanks Kelly! I’m most definitely going to tell Justin what you said :)!!

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