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Boot Scoot

toddler camping

1)  New phrase Audrie says…Me:  Do you want to go to Dad’s office?  Audrie:  “Yay, I LOVE Dad’s office.”  You can also insert park, outside or any other place instead of Dad’s office and you get the same response. 2)  They got some new bikes.  We got them the Boot Scoot Bikes. Apparently it eliminates […]

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Greasewood’s Again

They loved the chickens at Greasewood Flats, but were totally unimpressed with this donkey.  They wanted nothing to do with him, poor donkey! You Might Also Like:A Little BasketballMy ModelAnd They Found a POLE?

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“Where’s Juan?”

1) For some reason we’d never been to the Scottsdale Fashion Play area before until this week.  LOVED it!  It’s called ArchitectureKids’ complete with a pirate ship, tree house, doll house & a castle.               Another picture from our camping trip…not sure what they’re both pointing at? 2)  Idiot move of the week…I dropped my phone […]

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Camping Out At 2

toddler first camping trip

On Wednesday evening, we quickly began to realize there was no way our house was going to be ready to move back into the following morning.  We’ve been wanting to take the girls on their first camping trip for awhile, and now we had the perfect reason.  We couldn’t go back to the house, so we […]

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