Boot Scoot

1)  New phrase Audrie says…Me:  Do you want to go to Dad’s office?  Audrie:  “Yay, I LOVE Dad’s office.”  You can also insert park, outside or any other place instead of Dad’s office and you get the same response.

2)  They got some new bikes.  We got them the Boot Scoot Bikes. Apparently it eliminates the need for training wheels later because they learn to balance and steer.  I got an awesome deal on Zulily, yay!

3)  Justin’s Uncle passed away last week in an unexpected accident, so Justin went back to Kansas for most of the week.  This was the first time he’d been away from the girls for more than 1 night.  We all did pretty good!

4)  In the midst of Justin being gone..the remodel continues.  Picture’s Thursday afternoon & we need a sink Friday morning so they can install the granite.  I wanted a single basin sink, which NO ONE carries… I finally ended up finding one, but had to drive to Downtown Phoenix to pick it up early Friday morning before the granite guys arrived.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

5) PS… I love the BIG single basin sink…I wasn’t sure if I would, but it’s great!

6)  We’re headed to McDonald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch this week…we have a Groupon, so we better hurry up and use it!

7)  Got the girl’s costumes this week!  AMAZING!  They’re going to be Rapunzel of course!  And I got them from Etsy of course. I worked a deal for these great dresses in exchange for the use of my images on her site.  Can’t wait to show you guys!  They are perfect!  More info on the Etsy shop soon, too!

8)  Once the girls put them on they were so sad when I told them we had to save them for Halloween.

9)  That night we put them to bed..about an hour later I walk into the hall and there stands Audrie.  She has her Rapunzel purse & crown on & is just standing there looking at me.

10)  Ellie is really into singing lately.  She sings this song and hold her arms out like she’s doing a “big finish.”  Not sure what she’s even singing…maybe “I LOOOOVe Youuuuuu?”  That’s what it sounds like anyway.

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