“Where’s Juan?”

1) For some reason we’d never been to the Scottsdale Fashion Play area before until this week.  LOVED it!  It’s called ArchitectureKids’ complete with a pirate ship, tree house, doll house & a castle.

              Another picture from our camping trip…not sure what they’re both pointing at?

toddlers camping

2)  Idiot move of the week…I dropped my phone in the Wal-mart parking lot as I was loading the kids in the car.  I headed on to my preferred store Target, when I realized I was missing it.  As I pull back into Wal-mart I see Justin walking toward me.  “Hmmm…wonder why he’s here?”  Someone found my phone & called him…Justin’s office is nearby, so he beat me back to it.  Nice..

3) We still have 2 little girls named Audrie at our house…Ellie thinks she’s Audrie & Audrie insists on calling Ellie, “Audrie.”  Oh boy!

4)  I never realized how small our little neighborhood is…I don’t think there was a day last week that I didn’t run into another Mom I knew.  It’s weird..Scottsdale used to seem so big!

5)  The renovation continues…painters have been here all week, then just need to finish the kitchen counters & we’ll be done with the first phase.

    Just a little sneak at our “Before Kitchen”…notice the terrible cabinets & counter tops..” After pictures coming soon!”

kitchen remodel

6)  The girls are getting so used to workers at the house, the other morning Audrie said, “Where’s Juan?”  ( He’s the painter)

7)  Have you seen the carts at Target for Kids?…they are literally like driving a train they are so big.  The girls kept saying, “Chugga, chugga, CHOO CHOO!” Then when I’d bump into something and  they’d say, “Uh-oh, trains stuck!”

8)  Why am I just now discovering Jersey Sheets?  Bought some for the girl’s beds, now I need some for ours.  Amazingly soft!

9) Another thing I’m loving…Vanilla Coconut Milk…not plain, you must get vanilla.  I hate milk, but this stuff is delicious!

10)  And another shout out to Stephanie for getting me hooked on another iPhone App.. It’s Hey Tell and it’s basically a walkie-talkie between iPhone users.  Instead of spending time texting, you can just send a quick voice message. LOVING it!

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