Jumping Cactus

1)  We hadn’t been to the Play Factory in months, but we went last week.  Audrie & Ellie had a blast..there was another set of twins there that were probably 7 or 8 years old & the girls LOVED playing with them.  It was really fun to watch them play together!  The older twins really took care of mine; I think they had an instant “twin” bond. 

2) I never knew that a cactus would literally “attack” you.  We were on a walk the other night & a little ball of cactus was in the middle of the side walk.  I gave it a quick kick with my flip flop & it literally jumped and started embedding in my foot.  I couldn’t get it off of me…Justin had to come rescue me.  Google it!  Apparently it’s some sort of “teddy bear jumping cactus.”  Not cool!

3)  The girls started their sports class this past Saturday through the City of Scottsdale.  Last week was soccer.  Soccer may not be their sport..they kept catching the ball 🙂 

Here the coach is showing them how to bounce it off of their knee…On the right, Ellie is giving it a try.toddler city of scottsdale soccertoddler city of scottsdale soccer

4)  The girls have been doing totally amazing potty training.  I just loosened up with them & let them do their thing.  When I stopped nagging them, they started doing exactly what they should be doing.  They were probably just totally sick of me asking if they had to go all of the time.

5)  Because they’d done so good, I took Ellie out for a Jamba Juice & Justin took Audrie for a bike ride.  So weird taking just one kid…so much easier & a great chance to get to know their little individual personalities. 

6)  On Veteran’s Day I took the girls to the Railroad Park…It was just ridiculously crowded.  For the first time, I momentarily lost track of a kid.  I was on the swings with Ellie & took my eye off  of Audrie for a second…then she was gone.  It felt like I couldn’t find her for 5 minutes, but I’m sure it was like 45 seconds.  She was headed off for the snack bar…seriously.

7)  We went to get haircuts on Sunday.  The first time that they haven’t cried through the entire haircut..yay!

8)  We leave for Kansas on Saturday.  This is the 1st year I’ve been back for Thanksgiving since 2003. 

9)  I went in for a well visit yesterday and ended up having a mole removed and biopsied.  That was a nice surprise :-/

10)  I think I mentioned that we finally got the girl’s dressers finished.  As soon as I get the pictures uploaded, I’ll post some.  I also have a couple pictures from Halloween I’ve yet to post.

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