My little Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.. These were going to be the twin’s Halloween costumes, but after a little fiasco with getting them from an Etsy seller who shall remain nameless…Thank goodness I ended up meeting Anne-Marie!  You’ll remember me talking about her in this  post.  After she made the girl’s Rapunzel costumes, she mentioned that she had been thinking about designing a Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum costume…and Ta’da!!  She sent me these a few weeks ago to photograph.  I think they are just darling…the twins will probably outgrow them by next Halloween…but I’ll be having her make me the next size up:-)   These dresses are sooo well made…  My girls wear them around the house & to play dress up in…I throw them in the wash daily and they are holding up perfectly. 


She has a ton of different princess dresses to choose from, so if you’d like to get one for your little girl click here!!  And the best part….She’s offering a discount to my blog readers.  If you enter sheakorinne at checkout…you’ll get free shipping! tweedle dee costume twinstweedle dee costume twinstweedle dee costume twins

tweedle dee costume twins

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Alby Your girls are so adorable! And they are getting bigger with each post. I love your candid shots!

sheakorinne Thanks Alby! I’m definitely a fan of candid shots:-)!!

Aunt Paula I wish I had a little girl to order a fun princess dress for! Oh wait…I have two of ’em…Audrie and Ellie! These are fun shots, Shea, and excellent photos! I love them!

sheakorinne Thanks Aunt P. These little dresses are awesome! The girls have lived in them since we got ’em!

Kelly Rashka Shea!! These are the cutest!!! The girls, the costumes and the photos! I espesh love the first one where they appear to be screaming at each other about their INSANE CUTENESS!

Kayla Atilano Do you sell tge tweedle dee and tweedle dum dresses? I have twin girls and would love them!!!

10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Twin Babies […] 5. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Image via: sheakorinne […]

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