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1)  Audrie got her first black eye last week.  She ran straight into her night stand & hit her cheek.  It immediately bruised & swelled…then the next day she had a big shiner. 2)  Audrie & Ellie love hiking.  We’ve found a few great family friendly trails near the house & it’s been really fun […]

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Callie {13 Days New}

scottsdale newborn photographer

When I got a text message from Julie saying Callie had arrived…I couldn’t have been more surprised!  I was expecting to get the news the first week of February, but Callie had other plans.  Julie & Casey welcomed their first baby into the world on Jan. 9th.  She is absolutely precious!  Here are a few of […]

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“Mom, Why aren’t there More Pictures of You

1)  I’m sure parents say it at every age, but so far this is my FAVORITE age. 2)  The girls crack me up daily & I just LOVE watching them play so well together!  3)  Because I’ve had a few people ask me lately about my shopping cart cover, I thought I’d post the link.  […]

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Oh yes, please

  1)  So we finally got our fireplace rocked and I keep laughing at Justin.  I had originally said I liked ‘Kansas Rubble.’  Justin said he didn’t really like it, but he ended up picking out what’s called, ‘Kansas Yellow Osage.’  Go figure, we both liked a rock native to Kansas. 2)  When you ask Audrie if […]

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scottsdale maternity photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Julie a couple of weeks ago.  She & her hubby are expecting their first baby at the beginning of February.  She looks positiviely glowing!  Can’t wait to meet her new little bundle!  Julie & I live right around the corner from each other, so we’ll be seeing lots of […]

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