“Mom, Why aren’t there More Pictures of You

1)  I’m sure parents say it at every age, but so far this is my FAVORITE age.

2)  The girls crack me up daily & I just LOVE watching them play so well together! 

3)  Because I’ve had a few people ask me lately about my shopping cart cover, I thought I’d post the link.  I LOVE them!  The girl’s have been using them since they could sit up.  The double works great at Sam’s & Costco…then it converts to a single for everywhere else.  They also work great for high chairs… Of course I got them on Etsy & the seller has tons of gorgeous fabric to choose from.

4) The girls like do-a-dot markers & it’s cool to see them finally staying “in” the dots.letter of the week

5)  Saturday we went to the zoo.  I’ve discovered we aren’t “zoo” people.  The girls were sooo excited to go, but then when we get there they’re never crazy about the animals.  And the petting zoo part, forget about it.  They don’t want to even be within 5 ft of them.  Oh well, guess it saves me from needing to get a zoo membership.trip to phoenix zoo

6) We’ve been spending a lot of time at the library lately.  Scottsdale has some really great libraries.  I took them to their first “shake rattle & roll class.”  I meant to get some pictures, but maybe next time. The girl’s love the library!

7) A good friend of ours does the event planning for Barrett Jackson Car Auctions.  Last night we were invited to the Opening night gala, so went with a few friends.  And to my surprise, Bret Michaels was performing at the event. Seriously nice surprise!And believe it or not here is a picture of Justin & I together before we left the house.picture of sheakorinne

8)  On a side note…I read something the other day that really hit home regarding taking more pictures of yourself for your kids.  I’m NEVER in pictures… Your kids will never look at a picture say, “Why are you still in your pajamas?, or “Why don’t you have any make up on?”  or “Why do you looks so fat?”   Just take the picture!  You’re the only one that cares what you look like or if you’ve even had a shower that day.  This is so, so true for me!  The only thing your kids will ask is “Why aren’t there more pictures of you, Mom?”   

9)  We’ve found a really great person to watch our girls.  We really, really like her & so do the girls.  Last night we came home & without me even asking she’d folded laundry & unloaded the dishwasher.  Awesome!

10)  I’m kind of sad that I missed the Rock N Roll Half this year, but I am signing up for the Run For Ryan House in March.  I haven’t really ran much in over a year, so I’ve got a lot of work to do.   I’m excited to start back up again  & to  lose the weight I’ve put on.    Getting back into the running groove sure is hard work, though!


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