Oh yes, please

  1)  So we finally got our fireplace rocked and I keep laughing at Justin.  I had originally said I liked ‘Kansas Rubble.’  Justin said he didn’t really like it, but he ended up picking out what’s called, ‘Kansas Yellow Osage.’  Go figure, we both liked a rock native to Kansas.ks. yellow osage fireplace

2)  When you ask Audrie if she wants to do something her reply is, “I’d love to.”

3)  The twins are in a cereal phase.  We go through about a box of cheerios per day…they can’t get enough!

4) Justin & I had a movie night the other night, complete with popcorn, twizzlers & cookies.  Apparently we left it all out on the kitchen table & the girl’s were having a hayday when we got up.  They had finished off all of it…which was a lot I might add.

5)  Another famous Audrie saying…When you you ask her a question her reply is usually, “oh yes.”   I need a recording of it…the way she says it is hilarious.

6)  The girls have been loving their swing set…We spend A LOT of time out there!

7)  They love to be on my iPhone so I decided I’d download some educational apps for them.  They LOVE Tozzle..it seriously amazes me how good they are at it.

8)  Justin & I love Chipotle, so I decided I would try to recreate it at home…Try THIS recipe.  It’s pretty awesome!

9)  Ok, so for some dishwasher advice…some of you may already do this, but it was new to me.  We got a new dishwasher when we remodeled & I didn’t think it ever worked right…spotty dishes & white residue that ruined some of my calphalon pans.   Here are my tips…ALWAYS heat up the water in sink before you start the dishwasher.  I’ve never done this, but I guess if you don’t you’ll be washing your dishes with cold water.  2nd, use Limi-shine…it not only gets our dishes sparkly, but it fixed my pans that I thought were ruined.  Crisis averted now we don’t have to return our defective dishwasher!:-0

10)  We met Denise & Layla at the library last week & it was so cute…the girls spotted Layla from across the parking lot & started running toward her yelling her name & Layla was doing the same thing…so cute!

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Teresa Shea, not sure if your caphalon is aluminum or not, but they say aluminum should not go in the dishwasher. Jim bought me a knockoff caphalon and it said hand wash only.

sheakorinne Teresa, they’re stainless steel and they aren’t the non stick so they’re dishwasher safe. I’d never had a problem before until this new dishwasher but it’s all fixed up now:-)!!

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