1)  Audrie got her first black eye last week.  She ran straight into her night stand & hit her cheek.  It immediately bruised & swelled…then the next day she had a big shiner.

first black eye

Here is Audrie totally into her "Snow White" movie

2)  Audrie & Ellie love hiking.  We’ve found a few great family friendly trails near the house & it’s been really fun taking them lately.  Lost Dog Trail & Gateway are awesome!

3)  I visited preschools all last week.  I’ve decided I’m not starting them until they’re 4, though.  I figure if I’m able to stay home with them, I’m going to keep them at home as long as I can.  They have the next 13 years to be in school:-)The girls loved going to see the different schools..almost daily they put on their backpacks & say they’re going to “school.”

4)  Friday the girls & I stopped by Old Navy. On the way out we passed a girl that looked soo familiar.  As we walked past her, I realized she looks exactly like Stephanie’s friend from Minnesota that I’ve seen on FB a lot.  So I text Stephanie & ask her if any of her friends are in AZ.  Sure enough, it was her friend Kara.  Wild..with the size of Scottsdale, I can’t believe I would see her and/or recognize her.

5)  Anyone ever eat frozen grapes?  If you haven’t, you must try!

6)  Thursday night I went to the Scottsdale Mom’s Blog AZ Mom’s Night out.  There were 4 of us girls that went & we had a blast!

7)  To top it off, I came home to a clean house. While I was out Justin had cleaned the entire house… He seriously amazes me!

8)  Then on Saturday, we had a last minute invite to dinner.  Luckily, I texted Shannon & she was able to come watch the girls.  We had a great night out!  And I can’t say enough good things about Shannon.  She honestly takes better care of the house than I do!

9)  This week my plan is to go take some Valentine photos of the twins.

10)  Which leads me to my new idea/tradition.  Everyone sends Christmas cards, so  I’m thinking about being a little different and sending annual Valentine cards.   I think Valentine’s Day is such a great holiday!  If you get a card in the mail from me, you’ll know I at least made it a 1 year tradition:-)

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