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Like It Never Happened

Phoenix children's museum climber

1)  I have no idea where they got it; but the twins race around the house saying, “Start your engines.!” 2)  Audrie frequently when she makes a mistake says, “There, like it never happened.”  When I asked her where she learned it…she said “Daddy.”  Hmmm. 3)  We’ve went to Greasewoods the past couple of weekends […]

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Phoenix Children’s Museum

Phoenix Children's Museum

  In lieu of Ten on Tuesday, just a couple of highlights from the week.  We went to dinner with some friends & saw “The Vow.”  I liked it, but think my expectations were too high, because it wasn’t one of my favorites.  Justin actually only made through about an hour, then ended up at […]

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Funny Valentine

twin valentine photo

So here are a few favorites from our Valentine shoot.  Also, some highlights from Valentine’s Day:-)     You Might Also Like:5 O’ClockDare I sayZoo Lights 2011

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Where’s My Ellie Bean

1)  I absolutely love when Audrie calls her sister “Ellie Bean.”  And that’s what she calls her for the most part. 2)  When you ask the girls where they live, they’ll tell you .. “Scottsdale.”  Another favorite, “Oopsy Daisy.” 3)  And I used to have some pretty rose bushes out back.. They pulled all of […]

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I’m getting in the pool

 K…so don’t mind the outfit!  The girls are sick so we’re house bound today…hence they picked their own outfits!  Cracked me up..they were outside playing & found the swim goggles.  They’ve been wearing them all morning:-)  Audrie says she is getting the pool, but I think it’s a tad cold! You Might Also Like:MilkTrying to […]

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