Like It Never Happened

1)  I have no idea where they got it; but the twins race around the house saying, “Start your engines.!”

2)  Audrie frequently when she makes a mistake says, “There, like it never happened.”  When I asked her where she learned it…she said “Daddy.”  Hmmm.

3)  We’ve went to Greasewoods the past couple of weekends & it’s more fun than ever with the girls.  It’s a little chilly in the evening, so they love to sit on little logs by the fire & eat their grilled cheese.

4)  One of the favorite activities at the Children’s Museum is the market with shopping carts.  The downside.  When we go to the actual grocery store, the girls think they need to push the shopping cart.

5)  When we come in the back door there is a shoe rack that the girls are supposed to put their shoes on.  Everytime without fail, they put their shoes on the rack and say, “There, that makes Daddy happy.”  Even at 2 1/2 they know that an untidy house, makes Daddy anything but happy.

6)  I’m on a tennis kick lately.  I have cardio tennis on Saturdays & I signed up for lessons on Thursdays.

7)  The girls like the movie “Bolt.”  Whenever we watch is they MUST have pistachios.  It literally can’t be watched without them.

8)  Some friends of ours came over awhile back & brought these delicious tomato, basil & mozzarella skewers with balsamic vinegar. I made them the other night with dinner & the girls devoured them.  Never imagined they would.

Phoenix children's museum climber
Ok, so back to a picture from last week. I had to go in the climber with the girls this week. “Apparently” I’m a little scared of heights. My knees were literally almost shaking & the girls had no fear! I was up there 2 minutes, came down & had to give myself a pep talk. Then I went back up & conquered my fear, wheesh!


9) We were back at the Children’s Museum this weekend.

10)  Then we came home, heated up the pool for some swimming & BBQ.  Afterwards the girls got to watch a movie in their treehouse.  “Puss in Boots.”  I wasn’t a fan.

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