Where’s My Ellie Bean

1)  I absolutely love when Audrie calls her sister “Ellie Bean.”  And that’s what she calls her for the most part.

2)  When you ask the girls where they live, they’ll tell you .. “Scottsdale.”  Another favorite, “Oopsy Daisy.”

3)  And I used to have some pretty rose bushes out back.. They pulled all of my petals off when I wasn’t looking.  I didn’t have the heart to stifle their creativity.  They were so proud!toddler picking flowers


4)  I started Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 yesterday..Hoping between that & cardio tennis on Saturdays I’ll get where I want to be.  What happened to my metabolism when I turned 30??

5)  I decided to try some new makeup & bought Laura Mercier.  Now while I really like the tinted moisturizer…the “Undercover Pot” is out of this world!   It’s probably the best concealer I’ve ever used.  It’s part of the Flawless Face Kit & I really like it all.

6)  Justin put a “Dance Party” station on Pandora & the girls frequently ask to have a “Dance Party.”

7)  The other day my car was getting worked on so I loaded the girls in the wagon & we walked to Jamba Juice.  Now the girls want to walk to Jamba everyday…Umm…I’d rather drive:-)

8)  I feel so bad for Audrie..every night at bedtime she asks Ellie to lay with her.  Ellie adamantly refuses and says, “I want to lay by myself.”   Then Audrie informs Ellie that it makes her sad 🙁

9)  Sunday I made the girl’s some Valentine cupcakes since I knew I didn’t want them in the house after I started the Ripped in 30.  They were a hit!valentine cupcakes

10)  Then some friends came over later for dinner & I’ve found my new favorite drink.  Pimms & Gingerale.  Delicious!  The only place  I know to get it here is Bevmo.

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Aunt Paula I laughed when I read “oopsy daisy”. Allie and I always giggle when we watch Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill…he goes over a tall fence and says: “oopsy daisy”…it is a hoot…We’ve seen that movie dozens of times…love it..we always laugh.

sheakorinne Love that movie! Audrie & Ellie haven’t seen it though, so obviously I must say it often.:-/!!

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