I’m Going to Marry A Pro Golfer

  1)  It was bedtime & Audrie was laying with Ellie in her bed.  They were nose to nose & Ellie looked over and said, “You’re my best friend.”toddlers on iphones

2) They’ve been wanting to play in the garage lately. They buckled themselves in the car & said, “I want you to take us to preschool.”

bumbleride double stroller
They like to hang out under the stroller while they are in the garage..they say, “I’m going to be a pickle.” IDK


3)  We’ve been watching to much Dora.  The girls keep chasing each other around pretending they are witches..pretty sure it came from a Dora episode.

4)  They are also both counting in Spanish..also pretty positive I didn’t teach them that. 

5) I wasn’t watching the girls for 2 seconds while they were outside & they got into the firepit. Ellie was covered in soot. I had to wash her hair 4 times.

toddler covered in soot

This picture doesn't even begin to show how dirty she was. The tub water was black!


6)  In the midst of trying to get Ellie bathed & down for a nap, our neighbor rings the door bell.  She’s about 80 & is a TALKER.  She stayed for over an hour, geesh!  She came to tell me she saw a bob cat on the fence that morning, but Justin isn’t buying it.  He says it was just a house cat, ha!

7)  Friday night we had a girls night.  We stayed out way too late, but had a good time.  And, I still made to tennis the next morning.

8) When you ask Audrie what she’s going to be when she grows up, she says, “A pro golfer & apparently Ellie is going to marry a pro golfer.”  Wonder who taught them that?

9)  The girls love watching movies but especially Ellie.  They both know exactly how to get the movies they want off of Netflix onto my phone.  The other day we were getting ready to leave, but Ellie was watching “Thumbelina, ” so said, “Not yet.”  As soon as she watched the entire movie she said we could go. 

10)  Saturday we went to a Spring Training game.  It was the first time I’ve been to Salt River Fields & I was really impressed.  It’s a super nice facility!  And we got to go to dinner before with 2 of our favorite couples!!

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