1)  Finally after having trikes since their 2nd birthday, this week the twins  mastered pedaling them. They are still way faster on their balance bikes.

2)  Does anyone use a strawberry huller?  Best invention ever…just bought one!

3)  Big week around here..the twins also learned to swing themselves.  They still prefer me to push, but hey…it’s a start. 

4)  For some reason they’ve named their red sunhats “Sparky.”  I have no clue why.

5)  I had my first tennis lesson this past Wednesday. Oh boy, it was awful.  I started in the beginner lesson because I missed the rating period.  Wrong decision..Granted I’m a little competitive, but this was ridiculous.  After class I went to ask the instructor if I was in the right class and she looked at me and simply said, “Uh, NO!”  So she’s trying to get me moved up to a different level by this week’s lesson. 

6) Look for some more newborn pictures on the blog soon…I got to photograph a sweet little baby this weekend!

7)  One of my props was a little baby bed…Best purchase ever because the twins love it!  They were begging me to use it all week & as soon as we were done shooting they couldn’t have been happier that it was all theirs.

8)  Sunday night we went over to Denise & Andy’s for dinner.  Awesome!  Andy is in the restaurant business so we had all of Bandera’s specialties.  If you’ve never tried Bandera in Old Town you should, because it was delicious!

9)  My Aunt Paula subscribed the twins to “Animal Baby” magazine.  As a little bonus gift they sent some binoculars.  The girls have been having the best time going around the neighborhood looking for birds & rabbits.

10)  I’m really really close to finishing the girl’s bedroom.  I ordered these prints from Elissa Hudson.  She’s an artist from the KC area and is so amazing!  Her stuff is so whimsical and fun!  Check her out here!  I’ll post some room photos when it’s all done:-) Oh, and the prints say, “I love you, I love you more, & I love you most.”  It’s from Tangled & the girls always say it. 

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