Easter Bunny Can Skip Our House

 Easter started at our house on Saturday morning with an Egg Hunt in our neighborhood.  This is our 2nd year doing this one & it’s a lot of fun for the kids.  They had so much fun, UNTIL the Easter Bunny arrived!  They wanted nothing to do with him!  In fact, they said it would be ok if he just skipped their house this year.  “Don’t you want him to fill your Easter Basket on Easter morning?”  “Nope, we have all we need right here .”  (As they point to their baskets full of eggs.)  He in fact did come & now they say they like him & that they weren’t scared. 

Here they are all lined up & ready to go!

 desert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaledesert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaleAudrie took off sprinting when they said, “GO!”

desert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaleThis little girl fell, you can see her eggs spilling everywhere.  She was crying & Audrie wasn’t sure what to make of it alldesert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaleEllie going in for one!desert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaleEllie’s typical, “Hmm. where should I look next?”desert rose easter egg hunt scottsdaleThen we came home & got to work on coloring some Easter Eggs… Audrie waiting patiently for her egg to turn pinkcoloring easter eggsEllie loves her Daddy!  You can see it on her face..and I don’t mean the blue stamps all over her face 😉coloring easter eggscoloring easter eggsEllie showing off her work!coloring easter eggsReady for a little Egg Hunt in the backyardcoloring easter eggshunting easter eggs scottsdaleOoh, look!  There’s some up here!hunting easter eggs scottsdaleAnd here are their baskets on Easter Morning…The Easter Bunny is OK in their book now!easter basket idea photoseaster basket idea photoseaster basket ideasAudrie checking out her basket, bed head & all!  And of course, she goes nowhere without “white baby.”  ( And just for the record, it has nothing to do with the color of her skin 😉easter morningEaster craft the girl’s made in Art Classtoddler easter craft  






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