Game On


1)  I officially start Day 1 of Crossfit today!

2) I also officially started a weight loss challenge called “Game On.”  I’m doing it with a friend that I met at a personal training studio when we still lived in Ahwatukee!  It lasts 4 weeks & my goal is to lose 15 lbs.

3)  We happened to be at Lowe’s picking up a few things for a project (more on that soon), & they were having a little kid’s clinic.  We’d been planning on stopping in sometime, but spur of the moment it worked out great!  The girls loved hammering away!  Plus you get the cute little apron & a badge to iron on for every project you finish.

4)  Saturday I needed to pick up some rock candy for the girl’s party, so went to the largest candy store in AZ, “Sweeties” in Chandler.  It was no joke…they had any kind of candy you could imagine including things from childhood that I thought no longer existed.

5)  Because I was out in the East Valley anyway, what better reason to meet up with Krista for a girl’s night.  We to Kona for some sushi & had a really fun time.  We’ve done some photo shoots together recently, but we hadn’t been out on the town together since college!

6)  Back to #3…Justin built the girls a new school/art table.  I was going to buy one, but they were like $300 from Pottery Barn..instead we made the same one for $40.  Score!  I’ll get some pictures up soon!

7)  Yesterday while I was making dinner, Audrie came in to tell me that Ellie needed help.  I go to the playroom & Ellie is “on top” of the book shelf which stands about 5 feet tall.  She’s such a little climber!

8)  Yesterday, I had a newborn session with a sweet little baby.  Pictures will be up soon!

9)  It’s been so hot here, we’ve been hitting up every splash pad in town to stay cool! 

10) And we’ve been into building blanket forts lately!toddler blanket fort






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