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Today I’m writing this post on #1 of 2 DIY projects.   The 2nd project which was a piece for our fireplace, I’ll write about soon!

In August, I’m planning on starting to do lots more “school” with the kids since they won’t be going to preschool.  So I wanted to find a nice table for them to do crafts etc. where they’d each have plenty of room to spread out.  I’d found a few online that I liked, but they weren’t the highest quality & they were expensive! 

I really liked the Trestle Table from Pottery Barn Kids, but by the time I bought chairs to go with it & paid shipping, it would have been closer to $400.  In comes my handy husband.  I found some plans on line & convinced him it would be easy peasy to build.  And here’s the great part, the supplies only cost $30-40. 


diy pottery barn kids trestle table

Here's the table getting primed...almost done

DIY Pottery Barn Kids Trestle table

The only thing Justin did slightly "off plan" was this little support under the table.

diy pottery barn kids trestle table

Here's the "finished" product...it still needs to be painted, this is just primer

diy pottery barn kids trestle table

Then I found these cute little buckets for underneath to store all of their supplies

vintage yellow school chairs

And I'm so in love with these chairs...I found these vintage yellow school chairs from an Etsy shop. I think they work perfectly with the table. And they are SOLID! The girl's think they are the coolest thing ever.


vintage yellow school chair


vintage yellow school chair


 So anyway, there you have it. Message me or leave me a comment if you have questions about making one yourself. It was super easy (or so Justin says)! And we have less than $100 in it including the chairs!

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Aunt Paula Love it! It is so cool! What a good job Justin did…good to have a handyman-daddy!

sheakorinne Thanks Aunt P..so glad he is handy! Now that I know just how handy he is, he has a list of projects to do

Michael I was just wondering what the dimensions of the top are?

sheakorinne The top of the trestle table is 41″ X 24″

Nicole blades I would love to have the plans to make my own kids table. Do you still have them?!

sheakorinne My husband modified these plans a little bit, but here you go:-)


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