Mom Of The Year Award

toddler bubbles

Mastering the Bubbles

 1)  A couple of weeks ago we went with a friend to Pump It Up..It’s super close to the house & the girls had more fun than I’ve seen them have in a long time!  Should be a great spot to take them this summer.

2)  The girls found “Dragon Tales” on Netflix & for whatever reason, they love it.  They always say, “I wish, I with dragons to lands apart.”  or something like that.

3)  Also, “Honey honey bee count by 10’s, make some honey for all of my friends.”  Apparently this is from the Berenstain Bears.  Maybe we watch to much TV?!  I’ve also caught the girl reciting full on episodes of Caillou…explaining to each other that a school assembly is when “the principal comes to talk to us.”  Oh geez!

4) On Saturday’s Studio Movie Grill does Kidtoons for $2.  Each month they show a different movie so we took the girls to see “Peppa Pig.”  Of course they loved it!  Well, actually probably the popcorn most…in fact the girl had to give them to-go boxes at the end because they weren’t quite finished.1st Movie at studio movie grill

5) It’s scary how the girls imitate my every move, poor girls.  I may or may not have been known to stick my arm out the sliding door to the back yard & wave it back & forth to see if it’s too hot to go outside.  The other day I caught Audrie “checking the temperature.”  Justin was impressed, ok maybe not!

6) After going back & forth, we finally decided to get a summer pass to the Aquatic Center.  Hopefully we go enough to make it worthwhile…it’s a really great place to take the has some slides, a splash pad, & a lazy river. 

7)  Also, I joined Crossfit & start today.  I’m going to try it for 30 days & see what I think.  I’m committed to lose this extra weight..There I said it on the “old bloggie.”  Now I have to do it, right?

8)  Mom of the Year Moment #597…I wasn’t watching the girls, it got quiet.  Went in my bathroom & they were into my makeup & nail polish.  And they had a bunch of my clothes on! They were pretty proud of themselves & miraculously Audrie had a little nail polish in her hair, but the rest was just on their fingers.  I have nooo idea how it didn’t get everywhere! toddler puts on makeuptoddler into nail polishtoddler puts on makeup

9) Lots of family pictures to show you all soon.  We had a family photo session 2 weeks ago with Maggie & then this past Saturday we did a “Mommy & me” session with my friend Krista. 

10) I now drive with 2 back seat drivers.  They watch the lights for me & tell me when I can go & when I should stop.  What ever would I do without them:-)




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