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An Idea & One Talented lady

snow white party dress

Here a few months ago, I contacted Anne-Marie  about making some dresses for the girl’s Snow White Birthday Party.  Thankfully she was up for the challenge!  Mind you, this lady can make ANYTHING!!   I had a pretty specific idea of how I wanted the dress to look, so we worked to together to finish up […]

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The Secret is Out

1)  If you want to watch a movie that you cry during most of “The 5th Quarter.”  Justin & I were a mess. 2)  In fact, if you have children it really makes you want to squeeze your babies tighter.  So while watching it, Justin went to check on our own sleeping babies…He comes […]

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How To Miss A Childhood

movie in the backyard

1)  I came across this link the other day & I can’t stop thinking about it.. It’s  “How to Miss A Childhood”.  And I think it’s a must-read for all Mamas.  Really made me re-evaluate! 2)  I asked Audrie if she was going to swim like a dolphin?  And she said, “Nope, I don’t have […]

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Almost 3!!

Just a month or so before Audrie & Ellie turned 3 we headed out with Maggie  for a photo shoot!  Although I take lots of photos throughout the year..I like to have someone take them once a year so we get some great family shots, too!  I think they turned out super cute!  You Might Also Like:Olivia the […]

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