How To Miss A Childhood

1)  I came across this link the other day & I can’t stop thinking about it.. It’s  “How to Miss A Childhood”.  And I think it’s a must-read for all Mamas.  Really made me re-evaluate!

2)  I asked Audrie if she was going to swim like a dolphin?  And she said, “Nope, I don’t have a tail. I have feet.  I’m a little girl.”  Well, there you have it!  Cleared that right up 🙂

3)  She’s also started to ask me right before she wants to do something naughty, “Can you leave Mom?”

4) And starts every sentence with “Maybe.”  Maybe I’d like a bat for my Birthday.”  Maybe I’d like to go outside.

5)   She really does want a bat for her Birthday really badly.  We asked her how she was going to get it & she said, “I’ve got cash.”

6)  When the girls turn 3 I want to write a blog post about each girl & their personalities.  They really are so different!

7)  Ellie made my day the other night when I came home from Crossfit.   As soon as she saw me, she ran to give me a hug & said, “Mom, I’m so happy you’re home. ”!

8)  Over Memorial Day weekend we made the trek to Schnepf Farms with some friend to pick peaches.  Note to self, go pick peaches before the last weekend of the season.  But still a fun time!  And such a small world, we even ran into another friend of ours as we were leaving.

9)  Megan made peach jam with hers & we’ve just made a lot of smoothies.  She brought us some jam over & it was delicious!

schnepf farms peach festival

Ellie, Audrie, & their friend Jayce...(crummy light, but at least snapped a few photos)

schnepf farms peach festivalschnepf farms peach festival10)We spent a lot of time in the pool over Memorial Day weekend…the girls had a little picnic on the deck & then watched a moviemovie in the backyard



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