The Secret is Out

1)  If you want to watch a movie that you cry during most of “The 5th Quarter.”  Justin & I were a mess.

2)  In fact, if you have children it really makes you want to squeeze your babies tighter.  So while watching it, Justin went to check on our own sleeping babies…He comes running out saying, “The girls are gone!  Where the “bleep” are they?”  Me: “Are you serious?”  In a matter of 2 seconds all the worst possible thoughts rush to your head, but then I thought, “under the bed.”  Sure enough, they were both sound asleep under Ellie’s bed.  Now on a normal night we may have been a bit more rational, but in the midst of this movie, rational we were not!

3)  My friend Megan brought over some water beads the other day for the girls & let me tell you…hours of entertainment.  They washed their babies in them, did the dishes, & who knows what else!

4)  Our new favorite toys are Lalaloopsy dolls.  Either I or Santa has given several of the miniature ones to the girls, but just recently they’ve both latched onto one.  Ellie must have the purple & Audrie must have the blue at all times.  But on their list now is a BIG Lalaloopsy doll..They’ve been scouring Amazon on my phone for one.  I want to start taking more photos of their favorite toys & dolls so that I remember all the ones that they’ve held so dear at various times! 

laloopsy purple mini doll5)  The secret of The Simple Farm is out.. I love to go to their Thursday morning markets for eggs, tomatoes, honey, etc.  But after a huge media blitz this past week it went from 6-8 cars in the lot to a whole lot full & zero parking.  Meaning zero vegetables left.  Luckily I was able to get my fix the following Sunday when i swung by the farm…but hoping the buzz dies down & it goes back to being just a Simple Farm.

the simple farm scottsdale eggs6)  For some reason the girls like the movie, “Tom Thumb & the Adventures of Thumbelina.”   The other morning I awoke to them performing a scene out of the movie.. “Ladies & gentlemen, introducing Thumbelina.”  One would play the audience & the other the announcer & then they would switch.

7)  We went back to the Studio Movie Grill for their June Kidtoons feature, “Strawberry Shortcake.”  The girls loved it…it’s so fun taking them to the movies & seeing their little faces light up.

8)  I finally ordered our new farm dining table…Hopefully it will be built & ready in about 6 weeks.

9)  And I also laid out a new wall collage to display all of our new family photos along with a cool new piece of subway art.  Can’t wait to get it all hung & show you guys.

10)  We met a couple of friends at the Aquatic Center on Friday & it was so great & quiet.  Which totally surprised me…it wasn’t busy at all! 

PS.  Headed to Kansas on Friday, so no blog next week..but when I get back I’ll have all sorts of fun stuff to post!

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