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Ellie Bean at 3!

Oh my little Ellie Bean.  Last week I wrote about Audrie & this week is all about Ellie & what makes her unique.   Ellie, here is what you’re like at 3: Persistent, you keep at things until you finish. You chat a lot You’re have some hilarious expressions You can focus on things for […]

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Audrie at “3”

I decided awhile back that when the twins turned 3, I wanted to do a post all about their personalities.  While they are identical, they really are similar in a lot of ways, each of them is unique in their own way.  So this post is all about Audrie…. Audrie, Here’s what you’re like at 3: You […]

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We Turned 3!

Snow white birthday party

And here are the photos from Audrie & Ellie’s party at my Mom & Dad’s.  You can find the find the 1st party HERE, along with the links to where I got the party supplies.  They were so excited to see their “Snow White Table.”  They wasted no time getting “poison potion, swizzle sticks, popcorn […]

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho…it’s off to work we go

snow white birthday party

  So the girls turned 3 while we were in Kansas & we celebrated with 2 birthday parties.   These are photos from the first party at Justin’s parents.  I had so much fun planning this one with a little help from Audrie & Ellie.  They requested lemonade, cupcakes & popcorn, so that’s exactly what the got!  We […]

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