Audrie at “3”

I decided awhile back that when the twins turned 3, I wanted to do a post all about their personalities.  While they are identical, they really are similar in a lot of ways, each of them is unique in their own way.  So this post is all about Audrie….

3 year old

Audrie, Here’s what you’re like at 3:

You love to sing, but sometimes you get a little shy with an audience.

You love to paint!

You’re reserved until you get to know someone.

You’re extremely logical

When you draw or paint, you take up the WHOLE page

You’re independent

You usually come up with the games you & your sister play

When Ellie crys, you sympathy cry

You have a huge vocabulary

You’re very good at correcting me…  If I say or do something wrong, you’re always right there to point it out 🙂


These are just a few of the things that stick out about you Audrie.  You’re so funny, you make me laugh everyday.  You’re smart, a great swimmer & are very considerate of others.  I could go on & on!  Your Dad & I love you!

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Aunt Paula Beautiful words…what a sweet Audrie. I would want to meet her, if I didn’t already know and love her! I especially relate to the sympathy cry…could share many stories of sympathy weeping!

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