Ellie Bean at 3!

Oh my little Ellie Bean.  Last week I wrote about Audrie & this week is all about Ellie & what makes her unique.  sliding into pool

Ellie, here is what you’re like at 3:

Persistent, you keep at things until you finish.

You chat a lot

You’re funny..you have some hilarious expressions

You can focus on things for a long time, whether it’s a movie, art, cleaning up a mess, etc.

You’re a big performer…you love to sing & dance!

When you paint or draw, you take up just a tiny space on the page…not sure what that says about you:-)

You follow the rules.

You like to go wherever Audrie goes & say what she says

You have the best laugh..I wish I could bottle it up & remember it always.

Most days you are in full-on princess attire…Usually Cinderella & you insist we call you as such.  When you “turn back     into Ellie,”  we  must call you Ellie Bean…In fact, often you introduce yourself to strangers as ‘Ellie Bean.’

You’re very polite

You’re a rule follower

You always try to make Audrie happy

You love to play sports

These are just a few of the many things that make you “Ellie.”  We love you so much & can’t wait to see the beautiful lady you grow into.  Well, actually we can…we don’t want you growing up too fast!  Can we just keep you little forever?!  I couldn’t have a asked for a better little girl!


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Aunt Paula What a sweet little girl….I think I know someone who likes to chat and is funny! Me…Aunt Paula. I used to get in trouble in school for talking too much and would have to write sentences on the blackboard….I hope I’ve not jinxed you, Ellie Bean! You keep your “funny bone”—it will serve you well in your amazing future I see for you!

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