Back to Ten on Tuesday

1)  Perhaps we’ve been watching a little too much “Doc Mcstuffins”,  our clubhouse in the back yard is now “The Clinic.”

2)  And we’re constantly getting checkups & “all fixed up.”

3)  We started school at home this month.  Wheesh, it’s harder than I thought to teach (2) 3 year olds.  I have a new respect for preschool teachers who have a whole room full!

4)  We’ve been to Payson twice camping in the last month.  Both times we had an amazing time.  The girls loved hiking around, digging for treasure, going on adventures & sleeping in the tent.camping with toddlerscamping with toddlersMaking use of the self timercamping with toddlersRunning back to see Daddy after their adventure..camping with toddlerscamping with toddlers

5)  The 1st trip couldn’t have gone smoother…the 2nd trip not so much.  Audrie hasn’t gotten carsick in over a year, until last weekend.  There & back we had a puker in the car.  On the way home I thought we were safe because as soon as we left the camp site they were both asleep.  “Who gets carsick when they are sleeping, right?!  WRONG!!  She slept for about an hour & immediately woke up puking everywhere…never heard of such a thing!!

6)  Audrie & Ellie like to take pretty much every big rock in the backyard & move them other places.  This week it was their clubhouse, a.k.a. the clinic.

7)  A couple of weeks ago we took the girls bowling for the first time.bowling with toddlersbowling with toddlers

8)  One of Audrie & Ellie’s favorite foods is lettuce…plain lettuce.

9) The other night, the girls were out playing in the back yard & we were watching from the window.  I see Justin suddenly get a look of panic..I’m thinking someone is severely hurt.  Apparently they were taking turns jumping from the top of their little slide to the bottom…seeing if they could clear it!  When they came inside we said, “Really nice jumps, but please don’t ever do it again.”  About gave us both a heart attack.

10)  Next week look for a big announcement from me!

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