Wall Art Wednesday : DIY Wood Starburst Mirror

 So i’ve been meaning to post about this DIY project for awhile.  We did it months ago, but am just now getting around to it.  We were searching for the perfect piece to put over our fireplace.  Nothing in the stores seemed to be fitting the bill.  I did find a starburst mirror online that I loved, but the price tag was  $360.  Now all I had to do was convince my husband that he should build it 🙂

He was none too thrilled, but finally he agreed.  If I remember right, he pretty much complained the entire time.  But just like always, he admits NOW..that it was a good choice & is happy he built it.  And the great part, it was around $20 to build, yay!  And from what I hear, it wasn’t too difficult to build. 

DIY Starburst sunburst mirror

Here are all of the pieces cut outDIY Starburst sunburst mirrorAnd here they are being laid out & center piece glued inDIY Starburst sunburst mirror











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