Barely Made it For Ten on Tuesday

1)  Sorry I’ve been totally slacking on the blog.  For the last 12 weeks or so I’ve felt like complete death; but finally think I’m starting to turn the corner.  Not 100% but much better than I was.

2)  The girls call Justin their “Prince.” 

3)  If anyone has hair that tangles easily & is hard to brush out after a shower, you must get the Wet Brush.  I also found that it works wonders on the twins.  It’s best for wet hair, but works better than most brushes on dry hair, too.  We call it “The Magic Brush.”

4)  The girls love to go outside in the dark & play with flashlights.  They call them their “Starlight Flashlights.” 

5) When we went camping naturally we let the girls go to the bathroom in the woods.  Apparently, Audrie thinks it ok to do it in the backyard too.  We’ve caught her twice trying to take squatter’s rights.

6)  We also have high hopes of taking the girls to the zoo, but it always turns out they don’t like it.  They are terrified of all of th animals.  But for the first time last weekend, they actually enjoyed it.  They still didn’t want close to the animals, but they liked it nonetheless.  Success in my book!

7)  I love this time of year.  The girls have been spending hours & hours outside.  They absolutely love it & so do I!

Here they are outside roasting marshmellows with Justinbackyard marshmellows

8)  It’s a big week this week.  Thursday morning we’ll find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.

9)  The girls have been really into doll houses the last couple of weeks.  I love watching & listening to them play together. 

10)  We are off to Kansas on Monday for 2 weeks.  So I’ll have lots to blog when we get back.


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