The Mudroom

So I wanted to get some photos of the newly finished mudroom cabinet..  Love the way it turned out & it’s helped simplify our entry way so much.  It’s soo easy to keep clean & organized now.

I get on Anna White’s website every now & then looking for DIY ideas.  We’d been looking for a solution for our mudroom for awhile.  We definitely needed something because our entry way looked like the place where all shoes went to die.  We just had tons of stuff & nowhere to put it.  We found a few that we liked & one in particular.  But the problem is there were no plans & everything we found was for a family of 4, not 5.  With our growing family we would need 5 cubbies.

So my handy hubby went to work drawing up some plans.  I was a little nervous on if it would turn out like the picture, but I have to say it’s pretty darn close & I LOVE it!  The kids love it, too & they are great about hanging their jackets up & putting their shoes away.  I overheard them bragging to our sitter about Daddy making was so cute.  So here is the finished product!

mudroom cabinet

And HERE   is the mudroom we modeled ours after.  We ultimately decided to nix the drawers on the bottom in lieu of more shoe storage which works for us.

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