Miracle Mallorie

While it’s still fresh in my mind, I wanted to get Mallorie’s birth story in print.  And what a birth story it is.  We are so thankful that both Mallorie & I made it without a “scratch.”  It could have ended very differently.

The story begins on Saturday morning…and it started with me losing my mucous plug.  I know, ewww!  Sorry people.  I can’t explain it,  but I woke up feeling different.  I sort of just had a feeling that I might deliver that day.  I’d been seeing a chiropractor specializing in pregnancy & had an appointment with her later that morning.  She said she usually gets a feeling too, when one of her mamas is close.  Well, when I went to see her that morning…she had a good feeling that it would be soon.   She told me Mallorie had changed positions & I should stay on my feet for the day.  So that I did.  First, we took the girls to see “Barbie & the Pink Shoes.”  Then my sister in law Chelle & I had a day of shopping & pedicures.

That evening I hit the hay around 11.  Justin stayed up watching TV, probably Duck Dynasty.  I kept waking up telling him that something felt different & that he should get some sleep in case.  He didn’t listen of course.  About 10 minutes later I felt a really sharp pain.  About 10 minutes later, around midnight I felt a gush & quickly jumped out of bed.   My water had broken.  Thank goodness Chelle was here & stayed with the girls while we hurried to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital indeed my water had broken.  I was 4 cm & contracting every 3 minutes or so.    Now mind you, it’s late & we’re tired.  My husband especially.   He had really slacked off in birthing class, but i just knew he would kick in where it counted.  He did not.  HAHA.  He alternated between sleeping or watching a movie on his phone…headphones in.   I labored until 6 cm, before I decided I was ready for the epidural.  I had been most comfortable on the birthing ball..so when I got up to get back in bed…that’s when things took a turn.  A huge blood  clot dropped to the floor, ewww!  I know gross, again.  The nurse said that sometimes if your cervix changes rapidly you can bleed like that.  So they quickly checked me again & called my Dr.  No change.  Still 6cm.

Over the next 30-60 minutes they continued to check me frequently & still no change.  Also there was fresh bleeding which was alarming.  Then Mallorie started showing distress.  The Dr. assumed that since I was a vaginal birth after cesarean, my incision may have ruptured.  My worst fear going into the VBAC.  Unfortunately we were going to have to call it & do an emergency c section.  I was devastated, but knew it had to be done.  I’ve never seen so many people move so quickly. Everyone was amazing.  We had bumped another csection & within minutes I was on the table.

Luckily, I hadn’t had an opportunity to google anything & freak myself out.  Little did I know we were in a very serious situation.  When they opened  me up, they realized I had suffered a placenta abruption.  This is when your placenta “the babies lifeline” separates from the wall of the uterus.  Even in the OR when they told me  what had happened, I still had no clue how scary it truly  was for the baby & I.   It’s a complete miracle that we  both made it OK…but we did.  Baby amazingly had great APGAR scores.

I on the other hand wasn’t feeling so great.  Following the surgery my blood pressure plummeted  crazy low & I turned a pale as a ghost.  Finally after I guess an hour or so I stabilized.  It could have ended very badly for both me & baby.  Things such as shock from blood loss, organ failure, hysterectomy etc for the Mom…And still birth & oxygen deprivation for the baby were just a few of the complications.  Scary stuff, people.

The following morning, the Dr. came to see me & told me more about the abruption.  Apparently from the looks of the placenta…it seems  like it had already separated sometime before labor even began.  They aren’t sure why baby didn’t show distress prior to labor.  She also said they really only had about an hour or less to get her out safely.  Wheesh!

So that’s our story…And that’s why I say she’s “Miracle Mallorie.”  And here she is getting her first bath at home.  I think she may be a little “water bug” like her sisters.


P.S.  I now realize I’m going to have to rename my blog with this new little addition to our family.   Anyone have any good name ideas?first bathfirst bath

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Alby Congratulations on the birth of your little miracle baby. And it’s great to know you both are ok. Looking forward to seeing more of your newest photography subject.

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