10 weeks oldI can remember being completely sleep deprived with the twins.  For the first couple of months, our pediatrician had us wake them up at night to feed them so they would catch up on their growth.  We didn’t get more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a stretch for quite some time.  Mallorie is a completely different story.  Pretty much off the bat, she was doing 4 hour stretches.  By 6 weeks she was sleeping 7 hours straight, by 8 weeks 8.5 hours & since 9 weeks she’s been sleeping 9-10hours at night.  I give her a dream feed at 1oPM & we don’t hear a thing from her until 7 or 8 the next morning.  It’s amazing!   Even when the twins started sleeping through, we would still have to go in a couple of times to give them a binkie.  With Mallorie, we never have to go in at all.

I think one of the big differences is weight.  I was looking at the twins’ weights the other day & they weighed essentially the same at their 7 month check up as Mallorie weighed at her 2 month well check..12.8 lbs.  I totally forgot what little peanuts the twins were!

Sleep is obviously a trade-off though. Mallorie is a pretty easy going baby for the most part.  That is UNTIL she gets tired.  Because she is a great sleeper & we started b sleep training so early, unfortunately the only place she likes to sleep is in her crib.  It makes her really hard to take places, because when nap time comes, she usually melts down.  She won’t sleep in the car, in her stroller, etc.  She just wants her crib! I’m hoping she grows out of this as she’s able to stay awake for longer.


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