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“There’s No Place Like Home”

tire swing

We had our first trip to Kansas since Mallorie was born.  Mallorie did far better than I expected.  Actually, other than screaming in the car she was actually much easier than the twins were at her age.  She never cried for naps, just went to sleep.   We did have a “MAJOR” diaper blowout on […]

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We turned 4! Lalaloopsy Party

lalaloopsy party

Audrie & Ellie had 2 Lalaloopsy parties while we were in Kansas.  One with my side of the family & one with  Justin’s.  We celebrated the 4th of July at My Aunt Paula’s.  It was a day of birthday celebrations.  My Mom & Aunt Paula turned 60! Then we headed back to Independence after all […]

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“OK, My Mom”

Manhattan dolls

Recently Ellie has started answering me with “Ok, My Mom.”  It goes a little something like, “Ellie, clean up your toys please.”  Followed by “ok, my Mom.”  So cute.  This is Ellie picking up a bunch of her favorite dolls. I also love that Audrie still calls Mermaids, “Mer-merries.  I’m pretty sure she knows the […]

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